What Should I Wear?

What Should I Wear?

This is probably one of the most frequent questions I get asked after booking a session with me. Obviously we all want to look good in our photos, right?! I mean, these photos are going to be hanging up on your wall… So naturally this is a concern for most – especially if you’re anything like me and are slightly fashion-challenged… Talk about overwhelming.

Thankfully, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing fashionistas and local boutiques to help me along the way, and I also have to give a huge shout-out to Pinterest for some fabulous clothing inspiration as well!

So if you’re considering having fall family portraits done this year and you aren’t even sure where to start, I’ve got a few tips and tricks up my sleeve for you to keep in mind the next time you’re out shopping or trying to figuring out just what in the heck to wear.

1. Coordinate Colors That Aren’t Matching
Wait, did you just read that correctly? Yes! Long gone are the days of everyone wearing blue jeans and an identical matching white T-shirt.  Here’s a few autumn palette ideas to get your creative juices flowing.autumncolorpalette

2. Look At Your Home Decor
You’re going to want to choose something that compliments your style and flows with your home decor. Do you have lots of vibrant pops of color or does your home have more neutral and earth tones? If you’ll be hanging your photos you want to make sure they don’t clash with your current style.

3. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!
Did I mention accessories? These little embellishments not only add to your overall outfit but they can be super fun, too! Maybe have the man of the house wear a tie for the woman to hold. Necklaces for the kids to play with or hats to hide behind.

4. Patterns V.S. Solids
Moderation is key here. I personally LOVE an outfit that has all your desired colors in it, whether it be floral or plaid! However, you definitely don’t want to over-do it with the designs as it can become a distraction – so I recommend a mixture of both. It’s also a good idea to incorporate layers like a vest, sweater, or scarf to help break things up a bit. Ultimately whatever you decide on, please make sure its comfortable and fits properly. And just for the record, leggings ARE pants and undeniably comfortable.

5. Look for Collections
When shopping for clothes, head to stores that typically have color coordinating collections. You can then purchase clothes for all the kids from one store, ensuring everything coordinates and you won’t be left to second guess yourself or make an extra trip to exchange items last minute.

6. Plan Ahead
This one is simple enough even the most fashion-illiterate can accomplish. Heck, you might even be able delegate this task to your hubby! Once you book your session, it’s important to start thinking of the clothes right away. You may think certain clothes will still fit your kiddos or that one dress is already clean. If you wait until the day of or day before you may run into an issue of clothes not fitting properly, being dirty, or needing to be dry cleaned. Nobody wants that kind of last minute stress.

7. Say NO To Characters
I know, I know… that Paw Patrol and Nirvana shirt is super awesome! Your favorite designer brand T-shirt with the big ‘ol logo in the front is pretty great, too. But just trust me on this one. They honestly don’t photograph well and 10+ years down the road you might not like them so much.

8. Textures
I am a huge fan of a plain jane basic cotton fitted shirt. However, in photographs, I like to add different textures like a lace top or even leather belts to add a little more to the image. Large woven sweaters are great for this as well! Don’t shy away from different textures.


9. Avoid All Black Or White
When you wear an all white shirt, it is very easy to blow out (over expose) parts of your shirt causing it to lose its detail. Same can be said with all black, it’s easy to have clipping on black clothing and the detail gets lost. Remember; patterns/colors, layers, and textures are your friend.

10. Consider Your Surroundings
What I mean by that is, think about WHERE your photo session will be taking place. Since my sessions are typically outdoors, this generally isn’t much of an issue. Essentially though, if we are shooting in an area with lots of green grass and foliage you probably won’t want to wear greens. Or if we are doing a fun winter session with lots of snow, you’ll want to avoid bright/white colors. This way you don’t get lost and blend in too much with your background.  If you’re ever unsure about this though I’m ALWAYS here to help you decide!

I hope these ten tips have helped you brainstorm at least a little bit when it comes to deciding what to wear for your photo session. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask your professional photographer or a knowledgeable sales assistant when shopping.
And though this seems like common sense, please dress accordingly for the weather. If it’s going to be chilly out I want you to be warm and cozy! No one enjoys being cold and miserable… and unfortunately if you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show in your pictures.

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P.S. – Those little hot hand pocket warmers are TOTAL life savers for late fall and winter portraits!


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