Senior Style: Free Culture

I’m sure you’re well aware that with each passing day, we are that much closer to the beginning of the new school year. Many of you likely have your back-to-school shopping all taken care of. But for those of you still needing to add to your wardrobe or are looking for some inspiration for own your Senior Portraits – keep reading!

It’s not uncommon for my Senior clients to tell me they have no idea on what to wear for their photos. The stress of planning can be pretty inundating and sometimes even confusing. Lucky for you guys though I offer my clients style guides and tips to make the whole process THAT much easier! So if you’re not exactly fashion savvy or aren’t sure where to even start, not to fret – I’ve got you.

Most parents and schools prefer your portraits to be a little more posed and formal for a classic and nostalgic feel. But let’s not forget about your own personal day to day style! I always encourage my clients to bring a long some casual/comfortable clothing for variety and I promise you’ll be happy you did 10+ years down the road.

Free Culture is a small local clothing store located in Richland, next to Porter’s BBQ and Pink Pearl Boutique. Comparable to Pacsun’s style but with that small-business local charm, they have a fantastic selection of both dressy and casual for guys and girls alike!

From joggers and element skateboards to backpacks and even socks, they have a little bit of everything to offer, at an amazing price too, I might add. I definitely recommend checking this place out for your back-to-school clothing needs! Here’s just a few photos I took of a few girls fashion pieces available in store right now worn by the lovely Bianca.

You can go stop in at 708 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA  and check it all out for yourself or even follow Free Culture on Instagram to stay up to date on deals and get more local clothing inspiration. Happy shopping! 🙂


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