Wake The Squatch

Mud drags, roll-overs, big air, and campfire s’mores is what my 3 day weekend consisted of up at the Purcell Trench Ranch. And I loved every second of it!
For those of you that have never heard of Mountain Mafia and are into motor-sports, wheeling, camping, and adrenaline, this is one place you definitely want to make time to visit this summer – And be sure to bring the whole family, too!
Whether you bring a rig or side-by-side to play in or just plan on just spectating, this place has entertainment for everyone… even when the sun goes down!

With drivers and spectators alike coming from all directions and hundreds to thousands of miles away (including Canada!), this park is the real deal. There’s tons of trails in the backwoods, rock courses to test your ability, Hill ‘N Hole track that even the smallest of rigs catch big air on, as well as a 3 acre mud hole and a two lane drag pit with crazy fast action. There’s no doubt that Sasquatch is out of hibernation after this weekend!

Mountain Mafia is also home of Mountain HAVOC – a once a year competition of the baddest and most elite group of drivers from Canada and the US.  HAVOC will be hosted this year June 2-4, 2017. HAVOC is a spectator only event (unless you’re competing). So mark your calendar, grab your cooler and your friends, and come camp and enjoy this epic event! I’ll see you there 😉

Mountain Mafia is my home away from home. The staff and volunteers that make this place happen are like none other. You can see the all the hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport from all of them is definitely paying off.  It’s only growing from here… I hope you’ll come check this place out and be a part of it, too!

If you’d like to see more photos I took from this year’s opening event (trust me, you want to see the roll-over of BIG IRON!) check out my album on Facebook HERE.
While you’re there, give my page a little love with a “like” or feel free to share the images if you know someone who would think they’re cool!

Be sure to follow Mountain Mafia on Facebook as well to stay up to date on events like the OUTLAW 4 SHOOTOUT, POWERSPORT SUMMIT, SUMMERS END BASH, & PTR FALL CLASSIC!

Take a peek at my friend Allan’s teaser video from this event, you don’t want to miss the next one!


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