Life is Short, Eat the Cake.

Sunday was my dog’s birthday, so we did a Cake Smash.

It seems like just a few short weeks ago my fiance and I made the trek to Post Falls, Idaho to adopt him. I was cruising the internet one night and thought to myself as I looked at our dog Cooper laying in his bed, he seems so bored – I bet he would love having another dog to play with! I’ve always been a firm believer in the saying “adopt, don’t shop” and support local organizations like POPPMikey’s ChanceTri-Cities Animal Shelter, and the BF Humane Society.
So in the little search bar I typed in “German Shepherd for adoption”. I was kind of surprised at how many people were looking to re-home their fur-babies for one reason or another. I decided to check out Craigslist too.
Then I saw it.
This adorable little black puppy with chicken nuggets on his paws and big brown eyes.
In that moment I KNEW I had to have him….
I e-mailed the seller, arranged to meet Ruger, brought him to his new home, and countless pairs of chewed up slippers later –  here we are.

Now before you go judging me as that “crazy dog lady”, know that I was egged on by several of my Facebook friends to do this (I’ll admit though, I probably would have done it anyway…..but that’s besides the point). It was a bit last minute, so I didn’t go crazy with decorations, party hats, or cute embellishments like a traditional “cake smash” session. I knew Ruger would LOVE eating his cake regardless, and that was good enough for me.


The cake itself is made up of carrots and peanut butter and the frosting is made from bananas. I got the recipe from Pinterest, Here. I even went as far as cutting out a 2 from an apple and putting some of Ruger’s favorite doggy treats in the food processor to create a crust bottom. Literally everything my weird dog drools over in one cake.
He’s spoiled, I know.

Click photos to enlarge

If only pictures could capture sounds too… He was making so many noises while smacking his tongue and chomping at the cake, it was hilarious and totally worth the hour I spent making it!

I would love to customize a Doggy Cake-Smash session for your 4-legged friends, too!

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