Spring Has Sprung

The days are starting to get longer, warmer, and busier. Not that I am complaining 🙂

I spent the better half of my weekend working around the house – cleaning up debris from the flower beds, pulling weeds, moving rock, and pruning trees. I know I’m probably a bit late to the clean-up party, but it’s a good start!
Yard work aside, I did get to spend an hour doing what I love and photographed a beautiful momma, who is due almost any day now!

I first had the pleasure of working with Nicole in 2015 photographing her wedding at a small local winery. It was an intimate yet laid back ceremony, and the weather was absolutely perfect. She and her bridesmaids were hilarious….worleybridesmaids
…..this definitely makes my top ten favorite photos I’ve taken to date!

We started out in Benton City by the Yakima river, where the shade was welcoming and the cool grass was greening up just right. This was my first attempt at creating a flower crown, so I may be a little biased, but I think I nailed it. Or really I should say Nicole nailed it! What do you think?


After that we headed up Webber Canyon as the sun was just starting to set. Nicole brought along her daughter and best friend, both of which were great helpers in making sure Nicole’s hair and dress were just right – and getting those candid smiles we all love so much.
IMG_6137Like this one! You can just see the love and happiness radiating.
Also, her boots are WAY cute.

All in all, I’ve had a very productive weekend! I’ll be heading to Yakima tomorrow on Wednesday for a model call session at the arboretum that I am super excited for. This weekend I will be in Spokane for an engagement session, so if you’d like to set something up while I’m in town let’s make it happen!

(P.S. – If you can correctly guess baby’s name in the comments I’ll give you a $10 print credit for your future session! Score!)


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