My first Blog post!

Hi there, and Welcome! 

If you cannot tell by the title, this is my very first blog post, EVER.
Okay, maybe not ever… Facebook updates kind of count right? No? Oh, well then forget I mentioned it. 🙂

Anyway, I’m so glad you’re here! Through this blog I intend to update all you lovely readers and followers on what’s going on with Reminisce Photography. Whether it’s a recent session, some behind-the-scenes peaks, upcoming events, or just something cool I want to share, this will be my main form of communication. You can of course always follow my Facebook page Here, too.

Since my website is fairly new I am still working out a few bugs and adding more information to it. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on what you would like to see on my site or topics for my blog I would LOVE to hear your ideas! Just send me a quick message using the Contact page or comment below.

I will say this though – I am so excited to have grown this little business and come this far in just the past year. I can’t wait to see what is in store for this next season! I’m already pretty booked up with all kinds of events, weddings, personal projects, and portraits in 2017, so I will have LOTS to post about as the year progresses. It will be my goal to post on here weekly so stay tuned to see what I’ll write about next (hint: involves spring flowers).


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